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About us

“TooFoodies brings good Italian food to your home. We make this possible thanks to decades of experience in the sector, affordable prices and an excellent delivery service. We listen to the wishes of foodies, the ‘foodies’, because we believe that food is one of the joyful things in life. “

TooFoodies is a project of Daniel Regina, which was born as an evolution of a family-run oil company, born in 1997, in the province of Florence.

For over 10 years we have concentrated on pressing and bottling olives to produce Tuscan and Italian GP oil. In the oil mill, quality has always been guaranteed by the cold pressing process and stone mills, but always with state-of-the-art equipment. After years of experience in the food sector, in 2010 Daniel began to take an interest in all that the Tuscan and Italian territory has to offer, expanding the range of products to pursue his dream of exporting Italian excellence abroad. Hence, the birth of a new company, specialised in the sale of a wide range of products, also intended for export abroad.

What do we sell?

We at TooFoodies take regional Italian excellence and bring it to your door. On our website you can find a wide range of food products, processed in Italy, both in terms of production and packaging. Everything comes from carefully selected companies that have been in the market for decades and use processing and packaging with typical regional supply chain.

We believe in taking care to preserve the qualities of food. That’s why we use hermetically sealed glass containers and prefer products with as few preservatives as possible.

What makes us unique?

In many years of experience we have been able to select the best Italian manufacturers, to offer genuine products, without compromise. We have always dealt with products from field to production, never foreign.

Our ambition is to launch our own line of high quality products, sourced from small to medium-sized enterprises, but reminiscent of the taste of fresh, wholesome food, carefully picked by expert hands, as in the old days. We believe in Italian excellence and attention to detail, and want to introduce you to the gems of our region.

Why buy from us?

Rediscover the flavours and traditions of yesteryear right in your own home, whether for a dinner party, a family get-together, or simply to pamper yourself with good food.

In addition, service is a key component for us, we want your purchases to arrive safely and quickly, to guarantee freshness and reliability in every product.

Lisa Azzola

Foodies, here I am! I'm Lisa, food influencer (@lisa.azzola) or, more simply, incurable lover and lover of quality Italian food, just like you! I love to explore and delve into every aspect of this world; I love to think, study, design, experiment, cook, eat and, of course, share my recipes with all foodies. I must admit that I have a weakness for pastries and desserts. A 'family' passion, which comes from afar and which has been passed on to me by my mother since I was a child, when I used to enjoy helping her prepare delicious sweets in the kitchen! In Toofoodies you can find me in different guises and sections, starting with the Blog, where I have the pleasure of presenting you with my preparations, simple and genuine dishes that enhance the authenticity and quality of its ingredients and raw materials, selected with care and maximum attention. And if you notice a certain predilection for sweets, well, now you know why! In addition to my role as a 'blogger', I am also a 'talent scout' for the best Italian gastronomic products, helping to research and select the culinary excellence that you can buy in the online shop!

Salvo Sanfilippo

Gourmets and lovers of good food and drink, welcome back! My name is Salvo Sanfilippo, I am a chef by profession, madly in love with cooking and the world of catering. My studies and hotel diploma were the first step in pursuing my dream, the first stage of a long and exciting journey, which first led me to work alongside great starred chefs, from whom I learned the secrets of the trade, and then allowed me to put into practice and spread my idea and philosophy of cooking in one of the most important restaurants in Ticino (Switzerland). Here, I work inspired by the desire to fuse my Sicilian origins, the "land" of my parents, and my life in Bergamo, the "land" where I grew up and received my professional training, to give life to hybrid dishes, enhanced and often embellished by the use of excellent quality raw materials that the Ticino region has to offer. For Toofoodies, I am the 'designer and creator' of some of the tasty dishes available in the online shop. In addition, I offer my experience and professionalism to identify and select the best regional Italian food and gastronomic products. Gourmets, I look forward to seeing you on Toofoodies!

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